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Top 10 things we learned this week (September 01)

The United States is the largest consumer of beef in the world followed by Brazil and the European Union. The world is projected to 56.739 million metric tons of beef in 2015. The United States is projected to consume roughly 20% of the beef produced in the world.


Boxed Beef Report: Beef prices drop

Choice boxed beef prices dropped over the weekend from $243.63 on Friday to $242.42 on Monday. The $1.21 fall brought the 27-day average price to $239.78. Select boxed beef also saw a 28-cent drop to hit $232.55, bringing the 27-day average price to $232.28.

Choice primal rib fell the most over the weekend from $350.76 to $346.74, a $4.03 fall that brought the 27-day average price to $336,23. Choice primal loin also fell $2.80. Chioce primal chuck and choice primal brisket were the only two cuts to not fall, jumping $1.67 and 56 cents, respectively.


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