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Industry Headlines

Industry Headlines

Top 15 sources for U.S. beef imports

The United States imported 2.95 billion pounds of beef in 2014. The United States imported the most beef in 2014 from Australia followed by Canada and New Zealand.

Industry Headlines

Schwieterman Cattle: Futures explode; supply worries

Live cattle futures exploded at midday on Tuesday, closing limit higher in most of the active contracts. Boxed beef prices were higher and packers all of a sudden look to be more concerned about available cattle supplies.

Industry Headlines

Ag prices down 14% from last year

U.S. agricultural prices (average) in August 2015 were down 14.2% from the previous year.

Industry Headlines

Today's Weather: Warm & dry in the Southeast

For the next few days, warm, dry weather will prevail in the Southeast. However, a few showers may return to the Carolinas during the weekend.


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