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Industry Headlines

Industry Headlines

Beef and pork byproducts make dollars and sense

ERS research indicates that a $1 increase in the value of byproducts to processors adds about 10 cents to the average price paid per hundredweight to producers of fed steers (slaughter cattle that have been finished on concentrated feed on a per hundredweight basis).

Industry Headlines

U.S. cattle exports (1989 - 2014)

The United States exported nearly 108K head of cattle in 2014 down from 53K head from 2013.

Industry Headlines

Drought Monitor: Record rains and flooding in the Carolinas

Record rains and flooding inundated much of eastern and central South Carolina and extreme southeastern North Carolina as a very slow moving upper-air low over the Southeast funneled tropical moisture from Hurricane Joaquin (stalled over the central Bahamas) into the southern Atlantic Coast region for several days.


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