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Industry Headlines

Industry Headlines

Today's Weather: Warm & dry in the Southeast

For the next few days, warm, dry weather will prevail in the Southeast. However, a few showers may return to the Carolinas during the weekend.

Industry Headlines

Top 10 things we learned this week (October 6th)

Five (5) countries have more cattle than people: Uruguay, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia & Brazil. Brazil has over 200,000 head of cattle and 200,000 people.

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Today's Weather: Historic rainfall in the Carolinas

With the historic rainfall event in parts of the Carolinas expected to wind down later today, the focus for significant precipitation will turn to the southwestern and south-central U.S.

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Schwieterman Cattle: Futures show some signs of life on Friday

Live Cattle
Short Term: Down
Long Term: Down
Opening Calls: Mixed

Live cattle futures showed some sign of life on Friday, posting strong gains across the board but still off more than 5.00 for the week. For the week, boxed beef prices were off 6.46 and 8.44 respectively, while cash fell another $6.00+ for the same period. Packer margins appear in very good shape. We will see if futures can maintain positive momentum for more than one day. Outside influences should be supportive, with the Dollar lower and equities higher.


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