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Industry Headlines

Industry Headlines

Beef herd expanding quickly, but will it continue?

The nation's beef cow herd has started down the path of the largest expansion in 25 years. The last major expansion was from 1990 to 1995 when the herd grew by ten percent. The industry had started on a modest expansion in 2005 and 2006, but producers aborted that expansion cycle due to the Southern Plains drought and the start of the high feed price era late in 2006.

Industry Headlines

Cattle Outlook: Price Index For Cattle Bright Spot

Consumer demand for livestock products continues to be important in determining the pressure on livestock prices in the coming months. The June 2015 Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) was released today showing a 0.4 percent decline relative to the previous month. That is the lowest level for the RPI in nine months. The RPI still stands at 102.0 suggesting the expansion in the index has continued for a 28th straight month.

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FDA video documents BSE policy and progress

Thanks to decisive, science-based preventative measures, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) has become exceedingly rare in the United States. Continued vigilance and compliance with feed regulations remain important though, according to a new FDA video that outlines the history of BSE and the results of rules designed to prevent its spread.

Industry Headlines

States with the highest corn prices; North Carolina number one

North Carolina had the highest corn prices in the United States followed by Tennessee & Texas.  North Dakota had the lowest corn prices in the United States followed by South Dakota and Michigan.

The corn price in North Carolina was 60 cents higher than the U.S. average.

Corn prices in North Dakota were 38 cents lower than the U.S. average.

Corn prices in North Dakota were 98 cents lower than corn prices in North Carolina.

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Corn prices by state: North Dakota drops 27 cents

Corn prices in the United States were at $3.58/bu. in June 2015, down 4 cents from the month before.

Corn prices were up 9 cents in Colorado.

Corn prices were down 27 cents in North Dakota.

Industry Headlines

Tyson Foods cuts profit forecast on weak beef business

Tyson Foods Inc (TSN.N), the biggest U.S. meat processor, cut its profit forecast for the year ending September, citing export market disruptions in its beef business and high cattle costs.

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Hay prices by state: California down $72 from last year

Hay prices in the United States were at $162.00 in June 2015, down $35 from the previous year.

Hay prices in June 2015 were down $80 in Arizona from a year ago.

Hay prices in June 2015 were down $72 in California from a year ago.

Industry Headlines

Cattle weights up 4 pounds this week

Cattle weights were up 4 pounds this week to 1,342.

The average weight for cattle in 2015 is 1,350 pounds.

The highest weight for cattle in 2015 was 1,368 pounds.


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U.S. produces 890.7 million pounds of meat this week

The United States produced 890.7 million pounds of beef this week. 

The average weekly meat production in 2015 is 904.8 million pounds.

The most meat the U.S. has produced in one week in 2015 is 977.4 million pounds.

Industry Headlines

Monthly corn prices under $4 for 11 straight months

Corn prices in June 2015 were at $3.58/bushel, down 4 cents from the month prior.  June corn prices were down 91 cents from the prior year.

The average corn price in 2014 was $4.08/bushel, down $2.07/bushel from 2013.

April and May corn prices were the highest of 2014 at $4.71/bushel.

The highest monthly corn price in history was in August 2012 at $7.63/bushel.


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